Lengthening (strengthening) nails with gel

Have beautiful nails been only in your dreams?
Have you had beautiful nails that have been modelled with gel but have not lasted long?
Gel nails is an option for those whose natural nails need strengthening or lengthening, or whose nail plate is uneven. Abalico gel nails do not damage your own nails if they are applied by a specialist. Abalico gels have especially been made for nail modelling. There are no damaging acids among the ingredients but keratin that feeds the nail.
In our salon there is a wide choice of colour gels that can be used for covering the whole nail or for making nail paintings. The advantage of colour gels before nail polish is that the gel does not wear off.
Abalico gel nails that are applied by our specialists remain beautiful from first maintenance to second one, and you do not need to worry about broken nails or the every day nail polishing!
*Gel nails need to be maintained in every three to four weeks.