Ultrasound face treatment has several effects: cleansing, moisturising and relaxing. The procedure is painless and non-irritant, which is suitable also for sensitive, thin skin, for skin with fragile capillaries, skin with extended capillaries, acne and excessive facial hair growth. It cleanses the pores in depth, without inflicting any mechanical trauma. Anti-wrinkle care and special eye care is also available.


The facial skin is given in-depth cleansing treatment, the cream and make-up residue, sebaceous secretion, sweat and dead cells are removed from the skin with a special spatula-shaped tool without causing pain. The moisture content of the skin is increased, the skin receives relaxing treatment and the session ends with an activating and moisturising oxygen mask. After treatment, the skin is relaxed, fresh and clear.
The treatment activated the production of new skin cells, increases lymphatic circulation and improves the skin’s blood supply, being therefore suitable in case of pigment spots and uneven patches of skin.

In our ultrasound face treatment we use the products of a French company Anesi, specially imported for this purpose, which make the procedure even more efficient.