Summary of the expert report of 19 March 1997 on the therapeutic effect of the so-called hot scissors and the hot blade of THERA-cut-Hairtechnik GmbH (today: Jaguar TC).

Out of 80 samples of all types of hair which are known to us both in and outside Europe, 98% of the hair cut with the THERA-cut scissors or the THERA-cut blade showed a significant improvement.

The THERA-cut treatment means protection and an increase in the quality of the hair.

The samples of hair that have been cut applying THERA-cut show a neat and exact cutting surface. Thanks to the simultaneous absolute sealing, neither hydrocarbon nor acids and environmental gases can affect the cutting surface. Thus, the continuum-mass in the hair’s interior remains smooth and efficient, so that it can bind the cuticle layer (cuticula rings) to the fibre layer (cortex).

The hair is well-groomed and has a natural shine.

What is more, the intact continuum-mass that remains in the hair like a glue is able to fulfil its task of bringing about the recovery of the hair. The disintegration of the disulphide bridges is prevented.

The hair is more elastic and firm to the touch, hairstyles thus last longer.